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Party Patrol Rentals LLC is the perfect place for any rental in Whately MA!

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Whately Massachusetts

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The party rentals we do in Whately range from backyard birthday parties to weddings set at a beautiful venue. There are so many great places to have an outdoor wedding in Whately and we get more and more requests for tents throughout the season. We do spring weddings, summer weddings and of course fall weddings, which are so pretty with all the trees changing. Our tents are simple and elegant so they do not interrupt the scenery. With delivery and installation done by our professionals, you can ensure that you will not have to worry about set up or if it is being done right. We pride ourselves in always putting safety first. We try to accommodate our customers requests as much as possible, but if it is a safety concern and
is a dangerous place to set up, our drivers will make another suggestion
for set up. Unlike a lot of other companies, Party Patrol is open on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday, so if you need a last minute rental or had a question about a current rental, we would be open to help you out. Our office staff is well trained and most of the have worked on the field before so they really are experts and know what they are talking about. 

One of our biggest parties to date took place in Whately on a family owned farm. They ordered 6 elite tents of different sizes, tables and chairs, lighting, sides and more. The set up looked fantastic when all said and done and was located on the prettiest farm for a wedding.
The set up was quite difficult because it was about a half a mile from anywhere a truck could drive to so everything had to be dollied to the location. The hosts of the farm were so helpful and were constantly offering our guys water and a helping hand. We had delivered and set everything up two days in advance so it was one less thing for them to have to stress about before the wedding. They were so satisfied with our services that they plan to have all the family weddings on the farm in the future! Party Patrol Rentals loves to be a part of any event like that one!