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Wales is a town that we deliver to and many customers choose to pick up rentals
from our Southampton office. Call today to get discount prices on pick ups!

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Wales Massachusetts

Deliverable town-Wales MA

The party rentals we do in Wales are a lot of weddings and graduation parties. With such pretty scenery, it makes a great location for weddings. The elite tents are a popular rental for weddings along with tables, chairs, and lighting. When our customers go big and rent everything, it can really make a backyard party look like an extravagant event. It can also be done any way you want, by arranging tables and chairs in any order, or placing a dance floor anywhere you want, the tent will be designed to look exactly how you want. 

The standard tent rentals are also a good option if you are working with
a smaller budget and having a simple summer party. They are still very nice looking with all white tent tops and white poles so they match any theme you may or may not have. We also offer pick ups of our standard tents at a cheap discounted rate, so if you are really looking to save money, be sure to ask us about picking up the tent at our Southampton location. You simply need a pick up truck or SUV to get the tent and no more than 3 people to set the tent up. We provide instructions on how to set the tent up, and it is fairly easy to do. We are also open 7 days a week, so if you encountered any issues and had a question, we are
open almost all the time to answer any questions. 

The bounce house rentals in Wales is a great option for kid parties or any sort of party you may be having. It keeps the kids busy all day long and acts as a “babysitter.” For safety reasons, an adult should always be watching the kids in any inflatable and should not be unattended. We also have water slide rentals to keep kids and adults entertained. All of our inflatables are commercial grade which means anyone can use them. Our customers are always surprised at how much their adult guests use things like water slides and bounce houses, sometimes even more than the kids! Our bounce houses are also available for pick up are are easy enough for two people to set up on their own. Ask us about our discounted price for pick ups!