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20’ X 20’ Standard Tent Sides

20’ X 30’ Standard Tent Sides

Standard Tent Sides

Standard Style Tents:

4 x Tent Sides: $99

Tent sides are a great addition to any tent rental, whether to keep the rain out of have a more enclosed look. Call us today to add on tent sides!

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Some of our customers prefer to have the tent fully enclosed using our tent sides. With the standard tents, you can rent them as singles or you can rent all four sides at a reduced price. The sides roll up, so if you do rent all four sides and want one or two sides open, you do have that option. The standard tent sides are all solid white sides that allow some sunlight in if you do plan to have the sides down. They look very elegant on the tent and give it a more enclosed look for events. 

Many of our customers who rent tents for their weddings like to rent sides as well. If it did happen to rain on the day of your event, the sides add some extra protection, especially if it is windy. The events we do for colleges and universities also rent sides for the tents as well. Soccerfest at UMASS Amherst rents a “VIP” tent that is fully enclosed to provide privacy as well as a more secluded atmosphere from all the activities that are happening around them. 

Tent side rentals are a great addition to any event and you really cant go wrong with renting them. If it does happen to rain, you have ample protection from the rain. If it is just passing showers and there are parts of the day that are sunny, you always have the option to roll up the sides when needed and easily roll them back down if it does start to rain. The sides use a velcro system where you roll them up and then use velcro straps to keep them in place. When rolled up, they are barely noticeable. Rolling them is something that can easily be done with one to two people and only takes a few minutes. Unlike other companies tents, you will not need a ladder to adjust the sides. Our delivery drivers take care of putting the sides up when they install the tent. They also make a great barrier between the tent and other parts of the yard. We have had a few customers use the sides to block out things they do not want their guests to see, like a dirt pile or dead trees

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