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20x20 tent

Jousting Inflatable (Option 1)

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This is a great selection for people who want to have the option of either doing the Joust or Bungee run at their event. Players cannot do both at once. This is not two separate units. You have to take turns doing either the Joust or the Bungee Run.

Gladiator Joust Arena

Bungee Run

Gladiator Joust Arena & Bungee Run Combo

Octagon Extreme

affordable party rental

The Octagon Extreme has it all! Use it for bouncing, jousting, boxing, basketball and soccer! There are many package options available for renting this unit. Click below
to go to the Octagon Extreme page.

Extreme Joust, Basketball & Soccer Adventure Rental Package $399

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Bungee Run (Option 2)

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Joust & Bungee Run (Option 3)

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Party Patrol Rentals specializes in entertaining fun that challenges and inspires youth and kids of all ages that enjoy sports to have fun as they meet the objectives of Gladiator Joust Arena, Bungee Run and Bungee Run & Joust Combo rentals. The younger kids are attracted by the bright primary colors and the older kids love the competitive challenges of these units. Adults like that kids are safe while playing on these units. Our company stresses safety while having fun and are fully licensed and insured for everyone’s protection. Sporting events, fairs & carnivals and youth retreats are just a few of the more popular events that utilize these fun units. It is easy to obtain attendee goals when renting these competitive units. They make fantastic end of year rewards for a winning school team and also are popular items for graduation parties.

Our jousting inflatable known as Gladiator Joust Arena is a large area with two platforms for the opponents to stand on. They bat at each other with jousting poles and try to knock the other off and be the one left standing. The Bungee Run is super fun and exciting to race to see who can place the marker at the furthest point before being bounced back by the bungee cord. You can’t help but laugh at the challengers as they race as fast as they can only to be pulled back against the inflatable sides. The Bungee Run & Joust Combo gives guests the option of both sports in the same unit taking turns by either jousting or doing the Bungee Run but not both at the same time. All three options are so much fun that it may be difficult to decide which one to rent. You will want to book your rental fast before the stock is depleted for your choice of day because these are very popular units.

We appreciate the fact that we have so many repeat customers, which shows that we always have our customers as our number one priority.
Our customer service staff will greet you in a friendly manner and answer all your questions to your satisfaction. Our technical staff is very knowledgeable when running the dunk tank, DJ services booth and photo booth. We look forward to your next booking for our Jousting inflatables or Bungee Run.

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