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Elite Tent Sides

Elite Tent Sides

Elite Tent Sides:

(1) Side $35

(4) Sides: $139

Elite tent sides are a great addition to any tent rental. They come in windowed or solid sides,
be sure to reserve your sides!

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Elite Tent Sides with Windows

Solid Elite Tent Sides

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A lot of our customer who rent the elite tents are going all out for a big event. If you are renting for your wedding or special event, we are sure that weather is a huge stress in your mind and one that you wont get over until the day of your event. We can eliminate some of that stress by renting an elite tent with us and you can be even more secure by adding on sides to the tent. The elite tent sides really add something special to the tent and make them look like classy venues with walls. 

There are two types of sides you can get with the elite tent. There are solid white sides and windowed white sides. The windowed white sides are the look that most people prefer, but we have found that a combination of the two is what works best. The back wall is nice to have as a solid wall and then the two side walls can be with windows and leave one side totally open. There are endless combinations of sides you could do or you could choose to go all solid or all windowed. Any option looks fantastic because our sides are in brand new condition and look elegant in any way you put them. 

When we come to your location to set up the elite tents, we also set up the sides. You wont have to worry about finding a ladder to do it yourself or even better the time to put into setting them up yourself. We have sides that fit all of our elite tent sizes, including the 20x20, the 20x40 and the 20x60. We offer side packages where you can fully enclose the tent. The packages are discounted and are a great value. We also offer single rentals of sides so if you are only looking to cover one or two sides then you can rent them individually. A couple who was having an outdoor wedding at their home in Southampton had not originally rented sides for their tent. A few days before their wedding they were forecasting some pretty nasty weather and decided it might be a good idea to add them on just in case. Sure enough, they had blowing rain and could not be happier that they rented sides. Their guests were safe under the tent until the storm passed and they kept everyone and everything dry. 

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