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Customer Pick Up Program



Rent An Extra Day...
1/2 Price!

◙  Customer Pick Up Program is only available for Regular Bounce Houses, Extra Large Bounce Houses or Combo Bounce Houses.

◙  Pick up times are designated between 6pm-8pm on Friday or 8am-10am on Saturday
(for Saturday parties). Pick up times are at our discretion and may be changed, but our employees will not wait around if a customer has not arrived between the pick up times.

◙  Sunday pick up times will be determined a day or two before the rental,
depending on availability and scheduling.

◙  Saturday rentals MUST be dropped off by 8am on Sunday morning. If the rental is back any later than 8am, the customer will be charged the full rental amount for the extra day (drop off price, NOT the discounted pick up price) as well as a $200 inconvenience fee.

◙  A $75 cleaning fee will be applied to any unit that is not returned in the condition

that it was rented in.

◙  A $25 re-rolling fee will be applied for any unit that does not fit back
into the bag we provided it in.

◙  Customer must be able to lift 150 lbs for all pick ups. There will be one person
at the office to help when the customer picks the unit up, but we cannot
guarantee that anyone will be at the office upon drop off.

◙  Vehicle Restrictions: Pick up truck or trailer works best. A mini van or large SUV
is acceptable for regular bounce houses ONLY (NO large units, such as combos,
jousts, obstacle courses, etc.) as long as ALL the back seats lay flat.

◙  Customer will be required to sign paperwork upon pick up stating
that all rules were read and accepted.

◙  Customer must bring a valid ID upon pickup. Customer Pick up Guidelines