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(8) Globe Lights

Globe Lighting

Globe lights are the most elegant and modern looking light fixtures for any tent rental.
They provide ample lighting under the tent. Call today to add on globe lighting to any tent order!

Lights for Tent
Party Rentals

(8) Globe Lights

One of our newer accessories for our tents is globe lighting. These lights come in sets of 8, which is usually the perfect amount of light for one 20’ x 30’ or 20’ x 30’ standard tent. If you are getting any larger, we would recommend two or three strings of lights. The globe light rentals for our tents provide ample light underneath the tent where you wouldn’t need any other source of light to see at night. They are strung when the tent is installed and put along the middle of the tent. 

Globe lights are large circular globes that plug into any outlet. If you are planning an evening event, such as a wedding reception or dinner party, these lights are perfect because they illuminate the whole underside of the tents. They are also very elegant looking and are not something you feel you need to cover up. They are white lights with white wiring, so they match our white standard and elite tents perfectly. All we require is that there be an outlet
within 100 feet of where they are being plugged in. 

Our most popular events to rent the lighting to is weddings. These parties usually last well into the light and it is never fun for the bridal party to be running around trying to collect lights to illuminate the inside of the tents. These affordable lights are the perfect option for late night party goers. They provide just enough light to be able to see, but without being overwhelming and harsh. They are sure to match any decor or theme you might have. We do all of the work for you by hanging them when we deliver the tent, so you aren’t climbing ladders to try to put up your own lights. They are easily to use by simple plugging them into an outlet and when you are done, simply unplugging them. They are also a great option for graduation parties that run well into the night. We recently did a graduation party in Amherst that didn’t start until 7pm and they were very worried about how soon it would get dark. They decided to rent globe lights and partied well into the next morning without having to worry about it being too dark. 

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