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20’ X 60’ Elite Tent

20’ x 60’ Elite Tents

ELITE Style Tents:

20’ X 20‘ Tent: $199

The 20x60 Elite Tent is one of the largest and most impressive tents, perfect for large gatherings and events!
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20’ X 60’ Elite Tent

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If you are having a large outdoor wedding and need to rent a tent, the 20’ x 60’ elite tent rental is the perfect choice. You can comfortably seat 120 people under the tent, but if you are expecting anywhere from 75-100 people, this tent is still a great choice. You have plenty of room for all of your guests to sit and eat a formal dinner, but you also have room for a dance floor, the DJ, and anything else that might come up. It allows for you to arrange the tent in any way you want and not be limited by space. You will also not be limited by having to maneuver around center poles. This is something a lot of companies wont tell you and almost all tents have. The tent might look nice, but underneath you have 10 poles right in the middle of everything which can be a pain to work around and can also be a hazard, especially at night time. With our elite tents, this is not a worry. Not only do you get a beautiful, clean tent, but you also get a tent that does not have center poles. All the space under the tent is wide open for your use. 

The 20’ x 60’ elite tent will have three high peaks when it is set up. They are tension tents, which means that they are pulled tight and are high peaked. They are the most classy looking tent on the market and are perfect for any backyard wedding or event. We have also rented out the elite tent for graduation parties. Last summer we did a party in South Hadley for two daughters that were graduating from high school and college and the parents decided to use the opportunity to have a family reunion as well. They were expecting over 150 people to attend throughout the day and decided to rent the 20’ x 60’ elite tent. They never have parties and wanted to do this one big, so the elite tent was the only way to go. They also rented the dance floor and a ton of tables and chairs and created a nice set up for people to casually hang out, eat and dance. They partied all night long, even though they did experience a few passing showers.

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