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20’ X 40’ Elite Tent

20’ x 40’ Elite Tents

ELITE Style Tents:

20’ x 40’ Tent: $549

The 20’ x 40’ elite tent is the perfect size for larger parties or get togethers and always look elegant! Book yours today!

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20’ X 40’ Elite Tent

20’ X 40’ Elite Tent

20’ X 40’ Elite Tent

Our most popular size of elite tents that we rent is the 20’ x 40’ tent. This size tent comfortable seats 80 people and is perfect for weddings. A lot of our customers who have smaller backyard weddings are caught in between the 20’ x 20’ size and
20’ x 40’ size. We suggest that if
you are having between 50 and 75 guests, you go with the 20’ x 40’ elite tent and any extra space can be used for cake tables, gifts, or anything else you might need.

The elite tents are a classy looking tent without looking too much like circus tents or being too casual for a simple backyard party. They are all white tents that are kept in immaculate condition. Being brand new for our company, they will not arrive old and worn like other companies would. They are also different from other companies tents because they do not use any center poles. This gives you the entire space under the tent to work with. When you are trying to avoid a center pole, you lose about 3 feet around that pole, which is a lot of space and could mean you
have guests sitting half under the tent and half exposed to whatever weather comes your way. 

Party Patrol Rentals recently did an event for a Bat Mitzvah in Huntington. They were going all out and having a grande bash at the end of summer, including a few inflatables, a photo booth, a DJ, and of course our elite tents. She rented the 20’ x 40’ elite tent and had the perfect amount of space for all the guests to sit for a formal dinner. Once the dinner was over, they moved the tables and chairs away from half the tent to make room for dancing. The kids had plenty of space to party all night long. Luckily, she had a perfect night for a party and it did not rain, but she was happy she decided to go with the elite tents for her party so she could rest assured her focus would be on her daughter and not the weather.

The elite tent has such an elegant and sophisticated look and can be decorated to match any sort of theme. It is an all white tent, so it is basically a plain palette for you to work with.

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