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20’ X 30’ Standard Tents

Multiple 20’ X 30’ Standard Tents

Standard Tents

Standard Style Tents:

20’ X 30‘ Tent: $225

20x30 Standard tents are a great affordable way to have a tent at your next event.  Party Patrol Rentals has you covered rain or shine. Choose us for your next event. We make renting a tent affordable for any budget. Call us today!

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As one of our most popular items, the 20x30 Standard Tent rental is a necessity at any event. Party Patrol Rentals has done hundreds, if not thousands of tent rental events in the Western MA and Northern CT area. We even travel to further away areas such as the Berkshires and Northern MA. If you are out of our delivery zone, there is always the option to pick up one of our standard tents at a great discounted price. They are easy to set up and can be done with 2-3 people.

The 20x30 Standard tent rental is the perfect size
for almost any type of event, whether large or small. The tent seats comfortably 60 people. If you are having a smaller amount of guests, the standard tent is still a great rental option because you have room to seat guests and put food tables underneath the tent as well. No guest wants to be caught in a rainstorm if it does happen to rain on the day of your event. The 20x30 tent offers full protection for your guests so that you do not have to stress about cramming all of your guests into your house. Planning an outside party can be stressful, and we here at Party Patrol Rentals do our best to alleviate
as much stress as possible. With such affordable prices, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to rent a tent. We make our rentals accessible to everyone, no matter what your budget may be.

Our most popular event for 20 x 30 Standard Tent rentals are for graduation parties. Every weekend in June is jam packed with tent rentals and our guests are always pleased to have one, even if
it doesn’t rain on the day of their party. We had someone rent from us last summer for their daughters graduation party in Westfield MA and they had a great day for a party, but it was one of those scorching hot summer days in June. They were so relived they rented the 20 x 30 tent so their guests could relax in the shade. Even if it doesn’t rain, it’s always a smart idea to have a tent to provide your guests with relief from the heat.
The 20 x 30 tent also makes great shade
for food and heat sensitive items as well.

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