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20’ X 20’ White Elite Tents

20’ X 20’ White Elite Tents

20’ x 20’ White Elite Tents

ELITE Style Tents:

20’ x 20’ Tent: $299

Elite tents are the new up and coming tents to have at any event! Call today so we can customize a tent package perfect for your event!

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20’ X 20’ White Elite Tents

Our elite tent rentals are fairly new and quickly becoming some of our most popular rentals. They are the most elegant looking tent on the market, but as always, we try to keep our prices as fair and manageable as possible. These are the perfect tent for outdoor weddings or more upscale events, where you really want to impress your guests.

Like the rest of our tent rentals, your elite tent will
be installed at least a day prior to your event. This ensures a timely delivery and also relieves some stress for the customer who have more than enough to worry about. If you are having an event or a surprise party that the tent needs to be set up the day of, we can accommodate that as well. Although the elite tents are higher end tents, our prices are very competitive and we keep them as affordable as possible. When you are ordering a tent for your wedding or special event, receiving friendly customer service, a clean tent, and professional installation just cant be beat. Not sure if a 20’ x 20’  Elite tent rental is right for you? Feel free to call us and we would be happy to offer our suggestions. 

The 20x20 Elite Tent rental provides everything you
need for your outdoor wedding plans. If you are having a smaller wedding and only need to seat a few people, this is the tent for you. The tents are almost brand new, some never even used before and have all white tent tops. They are high peak, tension tents so there is a peak right in the center. Like our standard tents, there is no center pole
in the elite tents. This allows you to use the maximum amount of space under the tent for things like tables, chairs, or dance floors. This size tent is also perfect for some additional space to a bigger tent. It is great to use for a cake table, gift tables and you can use the whole tent for a dance floor. It has perfect coverage for any
type of weather you might experience. We once had a customer in West Springfield who liked her elite tents so much she decided to get another one for the dance floor, so that her guests would have a big place to dance!

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