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20’ X 20’ White Circus Tent

20’ X 20’ White Circus Tent

White Circus Tents

White Circus Tents:

20’x20’ Tent: $249

The white circus tent is one of the most popular rentals so be sure to reserve yours well in advance!

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The 20’ x 20’ white circus tent is a great tent rental for those casual parties that you want something a little more elegant than a standard tent, but not quite as nice as the elite tent. It is the perfect in between tent and it is at a great price. Only a little more expensive than the standard 20’ x 20’ tent, the circus tent has the high peak some people prefer. This tent does have a center pole in it, but with a smaller party, it should be no problem to seat at least 35 people under the tent. 

We rented the 20’ x 20’ white circus tent to someone in Granby who was having a baby shower for her sister. They wanted something a little more classy than the standard tent, but the elite tent was too far out of their price range. They were so happy with the white circus tent and really pleased that we had a neutral color to choose from because the baby’s gender was a surprise. With a neutral colored tent, they decorated just the way they wanted without the tent clashing with their decorations. It was also the perfect amount of space for a baby shower that was a late afternoon event, where sun could
be a problem and rain could also be a threat. 

Like all of our other rentals, the circus tent is always clean and kept it great condition. The tents are always dried before they are stored and are cleaned on
a regular basis throughout the season to keep them looking in tip top shape. Party Patrol Rentals is also fully licensed and insured so anything that we rent out is covered and also inspected for safety. This way you can ensure that what you are renting is safe. We pride ourselves in always providing superior service, whether its our office staff or our delivery drivers, we hope to exceed expectations. Our tents are always set up at least a day in advance whenever possible so that you have time to decorate and set up any tables and chairs the way you want to. Our delivery drivers are professionally trained so you can be sure your tent is being installed in the most safe way and will be anchored
down correctly. 

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