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20’ X 20’ Standard Tents

Multiple 20’ X 20’ Standard Tents

Standard Tents

Standard Style Tents:

20’ X 20‘ Tent: $199

20’ X 40’ Tent:  $399

Standard tents are a great affordable way to have a tent at your next event.  Party Patrol Rentals has you covered rain or shine. Choose us for your next event. We make renting a tent affordable for any budget. Call us today!

Party Rentals

Having a small get together, or a 4th of July BBQ? We have to perfect tent for your party! The 20x20 Standard tent rental is a smart rental for your next event. It is a smaller tent, but it provides spacious room for up to 40 guests. With no center poles in any of our tents, you have the most amount of space to utilize underneath the tent without having to maneuver around center poles. 20x20 tent rentals in Wilbraham is one of our most popular rental cities, where we do a lot of birthday parties and smaller gatherings where the host wants their guests to be sheltered from rain or hot sun.

20x20 Standard tent rentals are always affordable. If you are looking to have the peace of mind of having coverage if you need it, but don’t really want to rent a larger tent or spend the money on one if its nice and sunny, the 20x20 standard tent is the perfect rental. They fit in most backyards without taking up your whole space and are respectable looking. All of our tents are cleaned throughout the season and always stored dry. This makes sure that our tents stay in prime condition for as long as possible. Some other rental companies will keep tents for 10 or more years and the wear and tear on them is noticeable and not acceptable by our standards. You will always receive a clean tent with a white tent top and white poles.

Some of our favorite events we do are for the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life. We love to help out for a good cause and provide them with 20x20 tent rentals for their annual walks. Some years they have perfect weather and use the tents just for relaxation, but other years, it rains like crazy and they utilize the tent all day and night to provide cover for those attending. We also do many tent rentals in Brimfield for the antique show, where tents are left for the duration of the show. Our customers rely on our tents to make sure that their products and employees are protected from any kind of weather for weeks at a time. We always give great prices for those who are renting 20x20 standard tents for an extended period of time.  

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