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20’ X 20’ Green & White CircusTents

20‘ x 20’ Green & White Circus Tents

White Circus Tents:

20’x20’ Tent: $199

Green and white circus tents are most popular for graduation and birthday parties so make sure
to reserve yours ahead of time!

Windsor CT
Suffield CT

20’ X 20’ Green & White CircusTents

The 20’ x 20’ green and white circus tent is one of the most classic tents we own. Lately,
a lot of customers are fond of the white tent look and it can go with any theme, but the green and white tent is always a fun option. The colored tents are great for graduation parties where green in the school colors.
The graduates love to see their backyard decorated with everything school colors and
it really brings everything together. The circus tent fits about 35-40 people comfortably and
it does have a center pole to work around.
The circus tents are high peak tents. 

Last May we did a graduation party for someone graduating from high school and her colors were green and white. Her parents were thrilled when they found us and reserved the green and white tent. They went all out with the colors and matched everything to the green and white tent, with balloons, table clothes, streamers and much, much more! The tent really pulled everything together and their daughter was so happy with the results. It was a great way to commemorate her graduation and something
she will not forget for a lifetime. 

We have had a customer for about 4 years now who always rents a bounce house from us and loves it! This year since her son was a little older and they wanted to make it more of a summer party for everyone, not just the kids, they decided to rent a tent too. Their party was being held in Easthampton and she was very unsure of what tent to get. She liked the standard tent, but had always dreamed of having a high peaked tent. The elite tent was too much for her budget, so the circus tent was her first choice. Her son, whose favorite color happened to be green at the time, was having an everything green party. The green and white circus tent could not have been more perfect. She also went all out with decoration and had everything and more that was green, including most of her food! Her son was so happy and her guests could not get enough of her green theme, the tent just added to the whole thing! 

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