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10’ x 10’ Standard Tents

Standard Tents

Smaller 10’ x 10’ tents are a great affordable way to have a tent at your next event. Party Patrol Rentals has you covered rain or shine. Choose us for your next event.
We make renting a tent affordable for any budget. Call us today!

As our smallest tent rental, the 10’ x 10’ standard tent is a great option for smaller get togethers. Many of our 10’ x 10’ tent rentals come from
small backyard parties, kids birthday parties or customers who are working with a limited amount of space. We also have a lot of customer rent
10’ x 10’ standard tent rentals as food tents. Party Patrol Rentals recently did a wedding in Agawam where they used a 10’ x 10’ tent for presents and their cake table. They set it up perfectly and had plenty of room for both without being overcrowded. The 10’ x 10’ is white with white poles, just like the 20’ x 20’ and 20’ x 30’ standard tents. There are not center poles in the 10’ x 10’, so you have the most space possible under the tent.

Kids birthday parties are also popular when it comes to renting a 10’ x 10’ tent. Parents know that its nearly impossible to keep kids sitting under a tent for more than 5 minutes, so the 10’ x 10’ tent is not so much for the kids as it is for the parents and other adults that attend. Its also a good option to put a present table under so that if it does rain, the presents are safe and you don’t have to have handfuls of kids running around your house.

The 10’ x 10’ standard tent comfortably seats 15 people. If you are planning on having a dinner party and want to have your guests sit outside
on a summer night, the 10’ x 10’ is the perfect size for dinner guests. You can easy fit 2-3 tables lined up so that your guests feel comfortable.
We also offer sides, lighting, tables and chairs to go under the tent rentals if needed.

Even if a 12’ x 12’ tent is too small for the amount of guests you are expecting, it would make a great accent tent. At such a great price, and even better pricing if you are adding it on to a larger tent order, you cant resist adding on a 10’ x 10’ tent to have the extra space under your larger tent. Always be sure to check with us about weekday specials on all of our rentals. Like all of our equipment, the 10’ x 10’ tent will arrive on time, clean and of course fully insured.

Standard Style Tents:

10’ X 10‘ Tent: $99

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